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Have fun. Go watchless. Finish.

Disney Marathon 2013 medal

It's a race week like no other. Unlike the Richmond Marathon two months ago when I felt fully prepared (but had a miserable experience), I am running the Disney Marathon this weekend mostly unprepared.

It's not like I was going to be "ready" for it -- I was simply running to keep a good base going. When I got sick a few weeks ago, though, those plans went away.

My thoughts about Disney since I made the commitment to Comfort Zone Camp have been, quite simply, to have fun and finish. After watching the course video today, I have to say that I'm finally excited about what's ahead. And that "have fun" goal certainly will be reached.

I've been so disconnected with running in the past month that I've decided for this weekend that I'm going to do the marathon without a watch. With not having major time goals for this race, I can't come up with a good reason to actually wear one.

If I get excited at the beginning and bust out some fast miles, what good would it do me to know that?

If I want to stop and take a photo with Mickey, what's a slower mile going to do to me?

If I get halfway through and feel good, or get to mile 20 and have a lot left in the tank, I'm going to know what my time is by a clock. I don't need a watch with me to worry about whether I'm going to hit a certain time or fall way short should I decide to go all out.

By leaving the watch behind, it's also one less thing I have to worry about packing. No watch, no charger. Just one set of running clothes and shoes. It will also allow me to quickly cross off one of my 13 goals for the year.