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Hello pavement

Falling while runningEarlier this week, my dog Duke and I had yet another bit of confusion at an intersection -- he went one way, I went another, and when he realized what was going on and before I could adjust my stride, we collided. Elbow and hands, meet the pavement in Midlothian. I got up, dusted myself off, and tried to keep running. I was a bit shaken, though, and had to walk for a few minutes. I felt like I was in a bit of shock.

This is the same elbow I banged up during a trail race in January.

That evening, Thursday, I was in a decent amount of pain. My right hip was also a bit bruised. I skipped Friday's run as a way to heal up and then turned around and had a nice long run yesterday.

Tonight my elbow still hurts. It's a nice bruise, plus road burn. I can't do a plank, which was what I was hoping would be key in my core streak.

I tried last night, but couldn't last more than 30+ seconds on it. I've tried push-ups as well, but that feeling of stretching the skin a bit also hurts.

I waited a few days to write about this because I wanted to make sure I was OK. After getting warmed up yesterday, I knew I was fine enough to run. It'll be another few days before I can really do everything I want to though.

All this cost me about 4 miles this week, keeping me from what feels like a good milestone with marathon training of 30 weekly miles. I still had a good week though, both mentally and physically.

A 30-mile week will come soon enough, along with many, many more miles. For now, I'm just grateful to not be broken (literally) from this fall.