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How sweet the sound

I'm not sure if there's anything more chilling than hearing "Amazing Grace" on bagpipes. Especially live. Check out a clip from last night's Relay for Life at Lynchburg College:

As promised, I ran 10 miles after raising $500 through 4 p.m. yesterday. It was very interesting to run customized loop after loop to do it, but as I ran I thought about all the people in my life who have been impacted by cancer. An inconvenient run is simple; battling cancer is not. But thanks to the many people who donated to this effort, we're perhaps one day closer to winning the battle.

After participating last night, I realized that this is something I have to do again. I already have some ideas in my head that I'll keep to myself right now, but running to raise money to fight cancer is at the top of my list of things to continue doing.

A while back I mentioned how this run would be part of my streak of running every day in April. I ran 5.6 miles before midnight. I started around 10:30 p.m. and took a few breaks up to that point. I then ran 4.4 miles after midnight. I had to veer off the loop that was created for the event. The loop created in LC's Dell was just under two-tenths of a mile and very crowded with the teams of students -- those of us with the Central Virginia Alumni Club were certainly much older than most everyone else around there with the exception of a few faculty and staff.

After a few laps, I always stayed within distance of hearing the music, speakers and seeing everyone else walking. It was quite a site. All told the 36 teams raised nearly $30,000. My team was No. 4 overall and I was actually the No. 3 fundraiser with $550 -- $50 coming after my mileage cut-off. To hit 110 percent of my goal is just awesome. I can't say thank you enough to everyone who helped out.