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I could use a treadmill right now

One of the unfortunate parts of moving and being in limbo with a few things is the fact I don't have access to a gym. That's really not a huge problem considering I never used a gym until October 2008, but I realize now how much I enjoyed being a member of one. Especially now. All this complaining I've done in the past decade of not having snows is catching up to me -- we've had two big winter storms here this season and tonight it's sleeting and snowing. And this weekend there's something in the forecast. I won't speculate too much, but SOMEBODY IS LYING. The weather guys aren't saying what the rumor mill is saying. This happened last weekend and the rumor mill was right. Anyway, last night I tried to go out to get something in and it just didn't work. What little of the sidewalks were scraped were icy. The main road was fine, but it was too dark to run on that for too long. The nearby side roads were poor shape too. So after nearly falling a few times, I hung it up after 2 miles. The risk of serious injury wasn't worth it.

So right now I'm in a mind frame of just getting something in whenever I can this week. I have what looks like two good days ahead of me and I plan to take full advantage of that. I'm a snow-lover and running in the snow is a ton of fun, but I'm ready for spring.