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I did it, now I just have to do it

With a deal of $19.99 a month for two years, with a possibility of that price lasting a lifetime if I can convince my sister and/or brother-in-law to join, it was hard to not join a gym this evening. For those who may be reading this in Richmond, the Gold's Gym off Midlothian Turnpike has a sweet deal going on.

I left there paying a little less than $100, which consists of the first month and a "processing" fee. The rest of October was "free." And, like I said, it was only $19.99 a month for two years, with the benefit of being able to suspend during that time. The current facility will be moving in January into a much bigger place, complete with a swimming pool, basketball court and almost three times the space. For those who may reading this in Richmond, the current location is moving to the American Family Fitness location (which is temporarily moving to Steinmart before moving farther down Midlothian Turnpike next year). There's also a new Gold's opening at 288 and Midlothian Turnpike in early 2009 -- that location is part of the deal if that's where you want to work out. You can actually pay a little extra to have access to both facilities. (Click here for more details on what's going on.)

OK, enough PR talk. Now comes the fact that I actually have to use my membership. I think in the winter this will be no problem. It's really going to help when it comes to cross training. I'll likely put my home gym up for sale soon. Simply put, I just haven't used it consistently. I have gotten my money's worth, but with a baby on the way and no basement in my house, it's starting to take up space. (Anyone in Richmond interested? Just shoot me an e-mail.)

So in addition to running, walking and biking miles, I'll soon be counting elliptical machine miles. I'm looking forward to the challenge ...