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I hate you mucus

With being inactive for much of this week, there really hasn't been much to say. I'm a day away -- probably two -- from going back to the gym. Since my sickness peaked on Wednesday, I've been slowly getting better every day. A Z-Pak, Mucinex, Vitamin B, lots of water and, newly discovered last night, Breathe Right strips are making life a little easier. I was amazed at the Breathe Right strips -- I've been missing out. I think I'll have to try one out on a run. With a little one in the house, getting extra rest is out of the question, so a quick recovery isn't happening. At this point, it's a matter of not getting something else right now.

I did run a half mile with my dog yesterday and I felt OK, but I have some more stuff to get out of me before I attempt doing anything for more than 5 minutes. With the progress I've made, I'm confident I can get back into a routine this week.