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I was wrong; I am sick

Last year after my marathon, I felt this way, but put off going to a doctor for a while. This time around, with a newborn in the house, I wasn't going to wait. Sure enough I have an upper respiratory infection. I essentially have no voice, am coughing occasionally, but I have no fever. My head is a little swimmy though.

So I'm on the same meds as last year that worked pretty well. I do feel better tonight than I did this morning. As long as I can get a little better every day I'm not too worried. I will lose a week of any kind of working out besides some short walks with my dog, but at this point I don't care about that. I just want to get healthy. It's needless to say, but the 8k is out this weekend. And depending on how the next few days go, a Turkey Trot may be out of the question too. I'm not giving up hope yet!