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I won't have fries with that

One of my favorite foods has to be french fries. Better yet, pour some cheese and bacon over them and I'm set. Well, last week's lifestyle change was going to be no french fries until after my half marathon, but without even thinking I dug into some when a group of people ordered from Five Guys. Then the next day I had some with my barbecue sandwich.

So now that the vacation has come and gone, it's time to eliminate french fries once and for all until after Aug. 31. It'll be harder that the ice cream commitment I gave two weeks ago, but I'll survive. I've done it before.

To make it a little easier, here's a look at the calories in some french fries according to I won't even get into the fat that's in these things:
* McDonald's medium (4 oz.): 382
* Wendy's medium (5 oz.): 424
* Burger King medium (4.1 oz.): 359

Workout since last post
June 19: Walk - 1.8; Bike - 4.1; Weights; 60 setups on Bosu ball