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If you don't train in it ...

heat wave, running, summer, 2011I'm worn out talking and hearing about the weather this week. Yes, it's hot; in fact, it's quite brutal with some all-time highs being set. If you're running in the heat, be safe; hydrate; take walking breaks if you have to; and by all means if you want to, hit the treadmill. That being said, my stance on the weather remains, "If you don't train in it ...," but be smart about it. Remember, though, that you have to prepare for any condition on race day. Just like running in the cold and snow in the winter time, or running in pouring rain, I think heat runs are important when done safely.

It can be quite brutal for fall races too, so don't just give in to the heat so quickly. Even if it's still 80 degrees at 5 a.m., run then out of the direct sunlight. A few months from now you'll be glad you did. Every run doesn't have to be inside, but if the weather freaks you out now and you have abnormally warm weather for a fall race, your body will have no idea how to react.

* * *

I'm pretty excited about getting to my 30th mile this week and the 500th mile of the year as training for the Baltimore Marathon kicks into high gear, but I have to wait. With my wife headed out of town today and the weather hotter than Dante's 9th Circle of Hell (as I have already discussed), running my long run early in the morning has to wait until Sunday. And yes, it will likely be a 5 a.m. wake-up call to get it done.

It's teaching me some patience with running that I didn't know I was actually losing. I'm very flexible with my training, but waiting until the last day of my running week for the long run makes me antsy and causes blog posts like this.

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