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In limbo

This week and next are nothing but difficult when it comes to running. Personally and professionally, there is a lot going on. While I have plenty of time to run, it's hard to focus on it. For a very short time, I'm staying with my sister, so this week I've been familiarizing myself with a new neighborhood to run in. While I will miss the benefit of Lynchburg's steep hills, I already realize that Richmond has some good hills to run on.

After next week I'll once again have a new neighborhood to adjust to. Despite the stress of a new job and moving, from a running standpoint this is great, as long as I get up and do it. For a couple of weeks I have to run in one neighborhood, while this weekend I'll get one last long run in Lynchburg. Then I'll have my neighborhood to discover on foot ... before I know it, it'll be October and the Richmond Marathon will be a month away. I am hoping that I can incorporate some of the marathon path on a couple of my long runs. I like running in new places, and quite honestly I was getting tired of seeing the same things every morning.