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In the year 2000

This weekend is homecoming weekend at Lynchburg College, marking a celebration of 10 years since I graduated from there. I'm not really getting caught up in the "I can't believe it's been 10 years" thing, but I have thought a lot this week of how so many things are different now. Besides the obvious personal things of getting married and having a family, running is a big part of why things aren't anything like they were back in 2000.

In the year 2000 ...

  • I'm not sure how much I weighed.
  • I drank a lot of beer and created "Chug Fest 2000." You had to be there.
  • I wasn't completely inactive -- I did play tennis once or twice a week. And then drank a lot of beer.
  • I had a minor role in "Diary of Anne Frank."
  • My roommates and I created the most symmetrical beeramyid EVER, complete with probably 10 different types of beers. I have photos, somewhere, to prove it.
  • My first job out of college was at large credit card company. I worked there less than two weeks and then worked at a golf course for about three months before getting my first real job in my career field.
  • I drove a light blue 1990 Ford Escort.
  • Did I mention that I drank a lot?

Of course as we age and mature, the beer drinking goes away, we get better cars and many people stop taking care of themselves. I feel fortunate that I've gotten a grip on my life and can go to my 10-year reunion 30-plus pounds lighter, along with what I think is a stable job and my lovely wife and son.

Five years ago when I went to homecoming, things were definitely different than from five years before, but five years later things are even more different. I've ran 10 half marathons, I've tackled one marathon and am close to being in the best shape of my life.

A decade is a long time for people to have ups and downs and go through drastic changes, and I couldn't be happier with where my life right now. Homecoming is an awesome time to reflect on these things and give my confidence another boost as training for the Richmond Marathon draws to an end in a few weeks.