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"It" starts (or restarts) now

When it comes to running, October 2009 stands out in my mind as the lowest of the low in my almost six years of running. My few injuries are an exception. I wasn't injured in October. I was full of excuses. Sure, moving doesn't make life easy, but in hindsight, why is my workout log completely blank from Oct. 7-12? I also fell completely off the 100 push-ups wagon, but at the same time I'm reaping the rewards of the program. Moving boxes and furniture in the past few weeks have been much easier than a couple of years ago when I moved. But this is a program I want to finish -- I just don't know when. Tonight, for the first time in a couple of weeks, I dropped down and did 33. I guess I could say I'm 33 percent of the way there. Oddly enough, 33 is what I maxed at in week 4 (after 85 push-ups).

But what do I do? The 100 push-ups Web site actually recommends that I start on week 3 if I do more than 20 in my initial test. Although it wasn't an "initial" test, I think going back to week 3 is a good idea. That might help me get past week 4 that I never got through after two attempts. But honestly, moving got in the way then and it may get in the way in the next few weeks, but no matter what this is making me a stronger person. I may take a lot longer than some people, but I'm determined to get to 100.

So as I get the 100 push-ups program jump started, I am also determined to get my running back in order too. Tonight I kicked the month off with a 3.6 mile run that included Bedford's loop. My dog, who usually only runs for a couple of miles or so, joined me. I'm pretty sure it was his longest run ever. It was a nice, cold, full moon run, complete with street lights.

I need these runs and I need these runs to regain my consistency. I need these runs to do well in a couple of small races before the end of the year. I need these runs for next year. I'm starting over, somewhat. I don't feel like I'm out of shape by any means, but like much of the way the rest of this year has been, I'm not where I want to be with anything -- with speed, with weight, with just being happy with running.

It (re)starts now. I'm done with my excuses.