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It's coming together

On yesterday's long run, I managed to put together a few miles without ever looking down at my watch. I got in that zone that's so hard to get into. As usual, my thoughts ran wildly throughout the run, but near the end of those 8.1 miles I felt good with where things are right now. I can't help but compare myself to last year at this time -- last year I felt like I was forcing my runs. Sure, I had a good February, but it all felt useless when I hurt myself in the Shamrock Half. Last year I was focused on a PR ... this year that's not so important. Sure I'll be elated if it happens, but it's not my focus for this stretch of training. I just want to run and be happy doing it. So far, that plan is working. And unlike last year and the year before when I set that PR, cross training is involved this time around. The benefits are tremendous. While I would have liked to have gotten another couple of miles in running this week, I am a little more at ease with having a couple of short bike rides in. I still pulled off a little more than 20 running miles though for the second straight week.

For next week's long run, I'm shooting for double digits -- that hasn't happened for almost six months. And I don't have any weird feelings about it either. With this steady increase in mileage for the year, it's right where I need to be. I can't wait!