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It's insanely uncomfortable out there

When it's already 75 degrees and humidity near 70 percent at 7 a.m., the last thing anyone wants to do is run. But run is what I did this morning, and I'm pretty much left speechless with how awful this weather is.

Normally, I don't worry about having fluids with me until I hit the double digits. This morning, fortunately, I took my fuel belt with me knowing that I'd want at least a little bit to drink. By mile 4 of my 5 mile run, all of it was gone and I was left wanting more. It's weather like this that makes me appreciate the freezing cold of winter. In the winter, you can warm up a little bit; in the summer, you only get hotter as the run goes along. The only thing that can save you in the summer is a breeze, which doesn't seem to exist these days. In the winter, you can warm up and shed layers as you go along.

This all being said, today's run wasn't too bad except for the ton of sweat pouring off me. Taking a couple of days off from running was just what I needed. And last night ended up being a decent cross training day as I lifted weights, scrambled to clean the house to have it shown and then mowed the yard as darkness fell. Next up is a group run and then my trip to Ohio...