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It's marathon week

I should be excited that the Richmond Marathon is just 3 day and 12 hours away, but I'm having trouble getting jazzed up about it. After getting over a fever pretty quickly last week, a major headache and another fever came back Sunday, lasting much of the day. That was after a run that went horribly wrong when I ran without any KT Tape and had some knee problems. I finally went to the doctor yesterday only to perplex him when I gave him the full story. In the end, it sounded like I had signs of a sinus infection and he gave me a Z Pak.

Then last night, a fever came back -- the highest so far at 101.4 -- and was still lingering slightly this morning. However, I've gotten a lot better as the day as gone along, so I think my body has finally fought off whatever it was fighting off.

So that leads me to feeling very blah about the marathon. Being sick doesn't make me want to do anything, but I think with a couple of more days of getting better, I'm going to be pretty set for Saturday. I haven't ran nearly as much as I had planned to in the past few weeks, but I really think that doesn't matter too much considering how much I've ran all year.

The biggest issue should still be how my knee does. There's been part of me that has thought of dropping out -- I didn't train to just get through the marathon this time. I trained harder and longer this time around. But the more I think about it, the less I care about a time goal. That doesn't mean a sub 4-hour marathon won't happen, and it doesn't mean I'm going to approach it any differently, but I know going into it that some things are just out of my control.

So as I try to focus on the marathon, it's nice to know that the weather looks perfect -- upper 30s/low 40s at the start with a high in the low 60s Saturday. The sun should be out in full force. It's a nice happy-medium from the drastic heat I ran in this summer and the recent cold conditions the past few weekends.