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It's not THAT hot

While on my run tonight, I was hating life. I was feeling fat, old and down-right sluggish. But then I remembered how hot it was a year ago at this time -- today's record high was set last year at 101 degrees. So I'll take 85 and humid over 101 any day. (But it's still pretty awful out there.) It seems like every summer I'm surprised with how miserable I feel when the first heat wave hits. It's not like cold weather in which you'll eventually get warm; when it's hot, it's hot ... and you stay hot. I'm not about to go to the gym though. If I give in now, it'll be a long summer of treadmill running. I'm sure I'll still go to the gym at least once a week for some cross training, but I don't want to be a year-long treadmill runner. It's fine for a couple of months out of the winter ... but not now.