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It's snow-k with me

Big-time snow storms are rare around here, but I love it when they happen. In case you're somewhere out in a sunny warm climate in the southwest U.S. or loving life in the summer Down Under, there's a huge snow storm rolling through the East Coast right now. And in my part of Virginia, we received a foot of snow. Some places got nearly 2 feet. You may remember in March when I got all excited about 10 inches of snow, but that didn't stick around too long -- this time around, cold weather is in place and we'll be seeing this on the ground for more than just a day.

I love running in the snow -- it's usually peaceful and just gorgeous to see. But last night I went out in the peak of the storm -- it was snowing so hard that it felt like a hard rain. It wasn't too deep when I was out ... just ... crazy. With the snow blowing in my face, I couldn't hardly see anything. After I de-layered myself, I looked like the ghost of Christmas past (click on the inset photo to get a close-up view) or something awful. It wasn't pleasant. I'm very thankful for my attempt at a beard this winter though -- it's been colder than usual, so it's helping keep me warm. I only ran 2.2 miles last night, but it felt more like 5 miles of effort. Like I said, it was crazy.

But the sight outside today is just beautiful. I'd be crazy to head out and try to run in it today. Tomorrow, though, that's another story.