Almost a former blogger

Still rambling about running. Sometimes other things.

It's the small things

My life isn't all about running. Sometimes it seems like it is with how much I blog about it and talk about it in other places. In reality though, there's so much more to life than running.

This weekend my son and I spent quite a bit of time together as my wife was out of town. We spent a lot of time outside at the park, going to a book sale at the library, drawing with chalk on the road and taking a little hike today in the mountains.

It was the short hike -- maybe a mile -- in which I realized even more I need to appreciate the small things in life. He'll be 3 next month and has taught me a lot in life with slowing down and appreciating things.

I wrote earlier this summer about things my son has taught me, and as summer turns to fall I'm learning even more.