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January '08

Looking back on the first month of the year, there is part of me that feels like it was a wasted month. But when I add up the miles and look at where I've came since taking a full week off running altogether, it wasn't too bad. It's also the first month I've logged how many miles I walked, so that helps me feel better about things, too.

All told, I ran 42.3 miles and walked 22.7. Starting the month off injured, I really didn't have any specific goals in mind, so finishing with more than 40 feels pretty good. Had I not been hurt, I would have loved to have started the year in the mid-60s to around 70.

Now that I finally feel like I'm over the post-marathon blues, the crazy December sickness and then my foot issues, I'm eager to build my mileage up between now and the half marathon. So it's time to have a plan and set myself up to peak at the right time. For February, my goal is to hit 70 miles. Seventy is a nice round number to shoot for as I continue to gradually build my mileage up.

It's time to put January behind me and get on with the rest of the year ...