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January 2014: By the Numbers

Snow runningThis month I just wanted to get things "right." I didn't want to get through the end of the first month of the year wishing I had done more. Getting consistency back with EVERYTHING I do was what was important. 

Here's how things played out, number wise:
  • 80 running miles. First time hitting 80 since April. I think this is my second highest January ever. 
  • 4.7 pounds lost. That's mostly weight from the final part of 2013, but with portion control and a lot more greenery in my diet, I feel tremendously better.
  • 20.8 miles biked at the gym. One day that I had planned for a 4-5 mile run turned into a little more than 10 on the bike, giving about half this total and preventing me from my highest January mileage ever. I'll take the combo of 100+ miles though.
  • 0 miles on the treadmill. I thought for sure I'd have something, but I sucked it up and ran outside every time.
  • 4 layers on top for a run last week. It's amazing how warm thin layers are.
  • 2 runs while it was snowing; several more just after it snowed.