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Jumbled thoughts

No, I did not fall off the edge of a cliff. I'm alive and doing very well. I just happened to get caught up in the madness of life, got some extra sleep, and then traveled to Ohio to visit the in-laws and go to a wedding. The few days off the computer (besides my phone a few times) has been nice. Ohio, greenway

Fortunately I've had time to run twice on this trip too -- on a nice, quiet paved trail that pretty much goes through the middle of nothing. While it can easily become boring, my two runs on this trip -- 4 and 6 miles, respectively -- have been great. It's just been me and a few of my favorite tunes, as well as some cool weather in the mid-30s.

(Complete side note here -- I thought this was northeast Ohio where everyone brags about how they can handle cold weather? I saw a lot of people bundled up on this morning's run while my southern self was in shorts and a thin long-sleeve shirt with no issues.)

Anyway ... I took advantage of the flatness to get in my first goal-oriented run since Baltimore -- I did a progressive run on Friday with splits of 9:11, 8:54, 8:17, and 7:57. Today I started a bit slow, but finished my 6-miler under a 9-minute pace. These two runs are the first ones in three weeks in which I felt completely normal.

It's left me with thoughts all over the place abut what I want to do this spring. I know I've mentioned going for a PR in the Shamrock Half Marathon in March, but I'm also thinking about upgrading to the full marathon. I've had other thoughts of still doing Shamrock Half and then maybe doing the Charlottesville Marathon in April.

Other races and other goals have been on my mind quite a bit too, but I'm still not ready to commit to anything yet. In a way, I want whatever is next beyond my upcoming 5k series to feel spontaneous, kind of like when I signed up for Baltimore. Maybe something even more random that I haven't even thought of will pop up in the next few weeks.

For now, though, it's all about those 5k races and the last 97 miles or so until I hit 1,000 miles for 2011.