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June is in the bag

At the beginning of the month, my goals were to get between 60-65 running miles and about 25 miles of biking. Well, last night I headed out on my long run for the week, but ran into a few issues -- there was a storm on the way, I was tired from the night before from being at my 17th Dave Matthews Band show (19th if you count two Dave & Tim shows), it was a different time of the day for me and I'm battling some sort of weird chest cold. So when I heard a rumble of thunder, I headed home cutting my run to 5.3 miles. My goal this week was just 6, so I figured that was good enough considering how I felt. I don't want to run myself sick again. When I added up my miles though, I was just shy of 60 miles for the month. With a trip to the Outer Banks throwing everything off, I didn't even realize how close I was to 60 miles. I knew I was short ... but not less than a quarter mile short! So, with my dog this morning I finished what I started last night and got in 0.7 miles.

After recalculating a math error at the end of May, which sort of threw off the first part of June, my totals for June were: 60.5 miles running, 42.5 miles biking - much of that in the Outer Banks - and walking 19.5 miles. I lifted weights in some form seven times during the month and I totaled nearly 10 minutes of plank work on my abs. While May was a get-back-on-my-feet month, June was about getting back into shape and feeling good about it.

With two months to go to the next big race, I couldn't ask to be in a better place right now. This year has been so up and down, so it's nice to put together two months like this without being hurt. My yearly totals halfway through 2008 are: 310.9 running miles, 127 walking miles, and 87.6 biking miles. Having notched 525.5 miles running, walking and biking, I'm well on pace to hit more than 1,000 miles combined. While it would be awesome to run 1,000 miles in a year, you're not going to see me run nearly 700 miles from July to December. Thanks injuries.

Looking ahead to July, my biggest running goals come with the long run. My goals right now are to do 7 this week, 8 on July 12 or 13, 9 on July 19 or 20 and 10 on July 26 or 27. I'll be doing my mile test this week, so it'll be interesting to see what my time is compared to June. For the month, I'll be shooting for about 75 miles. With biking, I'll again aim for 25 miles. With my weight lifting, I'm planning to cut back on the weight a bit and do more reps. I built up pretty good in June, but I think it's time to scale back just a tad.

Workouts since last post June 28: Doesn't a DMB concert count as cross training? June 29: Walk - 0.3; Run - 5.3 June 30: Walk - 0.9; Run - 0.7; Weights; Plank - 2:30 total (:53 max) Week totals, plus June 30: Walk - 8.5; Run - 17.6; Bike - 8.2