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Just a little patience

I'm nowhere close to saying "I'm back," but for the first time since my ITB issues started three months ago I have some confidence with my running. I said the same thing in my "It's a long tunnel" post a week ago, but after looking at my Daily Mile stats this weekend I realized how long of a journey this has been. It hasn't felt all that long -- I guess with my son's birthday, Thanksgiving and Christmas all mixed in, I was pretty distracted for a while. Plus I was relatively content to take a running break after not having one for a while. I have no idea where things are headed the second half of this winter and early spring. I don't need to have plans or a come back race planned right now. I just want to keep doing what I'm doing and see how I feel week to week before I decide anything.

patience, Daily Mile

Above are my miles from my peak week in marathon training when my problems began to what I did this week. As you can see, I had three weeks of steady decline until the marathon -- much more than I wanted -- then a spike on marathon week and then some extremely low mileage as I kept doing a little bit to get to 1,000 miles for the year.

It's very refreshing to see things starting to go back up in the past few weeks. This week I hit 13.1 miles -- completely unintentional to hit the half marathon distance, but still cool nonetheless.