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Just another obstacle

On top of starting a new job and preparing for the all-out move to Richmond, I've actually gotten a bit sick this week. Nothing like an end of summer cold to make life miserable.

I'm happy that this is a built-in rest/recovery week or else I'd be really worried about the lack of mileage this week. It feels like a bit of a set back, but I'll still be in the teens for my mileage overall this week as long as I feel OK in the morning. I'm certainly not pushing anything, because Sunday is the big unloading day. I'm having to "work" the NASCAR race this weekend for my new job, so I have a few very busy days ahead of me.

For this week only in my marathon training, running isn't priority No. 1. And being sick makes it even less of a priority. After Sunday, though, the next two months of my life will be focused on the big goal of '07.