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Knocked off my feet

It seems that whenever I get sick, I am knocked completely out. This week I had a chest cold come out of nowhere Monday during my trip to Ohio. It started Monday morning when I didn't feel that great and then got worse later in the afternoon. By Monday night I didn't have much  a voice at all. After 8 hours in the car Tuesday, I felt awful last night once I had a chance to relax. Then this morning I felt like a train hit me. After an hour or so of being up, I actually didn't feel all that bad ... but then I laid down on the couch and slept for almost 3 hours. For the rest of today I have felt so-so. I'm actually considerably better than about 12 hours ago, but certainly not well enough to run.

I have the Trail Nut Half Marathon on Saturday and right now I'm still planning on doing it. I was already taking a laid-back approach to this event and will probably be even more laid back now. I want to do this for experience, not a certain time or any sort of bragging rights other than it being a unique event. That being said, I won't do anything crazy to jeopardize my long-term health.

I guess the good news in all this is that it's happening now. There's 23 weeks until the Richmond Marathon and "official" training will get under way in a month. So it's much better to be sick now and get it out of the way.