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Knocked out

If you don't like to read about puke, don't read beyond this sentence. No really, I warned you. I know how just reading about it will make people gag.

Anyone remember that episode of "Seinfeld" where Jerry bragged about his vomit-free streak? Classic. It's too bad there are no clips of it anywhere online, because this would be perfect.

So ... this started a week ago when my son randomly got sick. It was his first true throw-up in his 27-plus months of life. And it was gross. It made for a couple of long days as he slowly got better. It was a long week for him though as he recovered from a stomach bug. My wife and I were thankful it hadn't spread to us.

By Thursday night, though, my stomach was hurting a bit. On Friday, it was worse, but I headed to work anyway. I stayed less than an hour. On my drive home, I had to pull over and stop to leave a present on the side of the road. It was awful. I'm pretty sure I've never had to stop to throw up before. It's as bad as you can image, especially being by myself on the side of a highway with trucks whizzing by at 60 mph.

When I finally got home I stayed in the bed all day. That's all the details I'll provide -- it's probably more than you'd like to hear -- but it was not a good day. To put it into perspective, I weighed almost 3 pounds less yesterday morning than I did Friday morning. Saturday was so-so -- I could at least sit up for more than 10 minutes and I finally ate a little bit that night.

This morning I'm a bit better, but still nowhere near 100 percent. I certainly won't be running today. I'll be lucky to get some fresh air for 10 minutes. It's been a wild few days and I really hope I'm near the end of it. I may take tomorrow off work just to make sure I'm fully recovered. My wife is also not feeling well, but I think she's managed to miss the worse of it. She is sleeping more than me though.

There's no worse feeling than not being able to do anything. With other illnesses, there's always that feeling of being able to do something, even if it's just walking around. With stomach pain, there's nothing to do but moan until it finally goes away. Stay healthy out there everyone!