When I hit the track yesterday at Liberty High School, I thought a lot about how simple running was when I was between the ages of 14 and 17 running on that same track. I had no idea how fast or slow my times were then; I'm not sure if I wore a stop watch at track practice. I was there to have fun, practice as hard as possible, and go on to the next track meet where I would finish in last place or next to last place in the 1,600 or 3,200.

On Saturday I did a workout similar to what I would have done then -- ladders. Go up the ladder starting at a short distance, hit a peak, then go down the ladder. Unlike my teenage years, I had on my "new" Garmin that I got off eBay and was determined to be as consistent as possible.

Here was yesterday's workout, which excludes what I did for my warm-up laps, recovery laps and cool down laps, all which combined to 6 miles:

Liberty High School, track workout100 x 2 (:23.7, :23.6) 200 x 2 (:50.8, :52.3) 400 x 2 (1:44.7, 1:44.3) 800 (3:34.5) 400 x 2 (1:43.5, 1:46.1) 200 x 2 (:50.1, :51.7) 100 x 2 (:23.0, :23.3)

I debated before the workout whether I would do one 800-meter circuit or two. After the first one, I decided to do just one so I could then concentrate on hitting consistent times coming down the ladder. I think a second 800 at that same pace wouldn't have generated these results.

While I'm mostly consistent, the combined 200-meter and 100-meter times were faster at the end. To do that by myself is a great feeling.

I really don't know why I had so many excuses for not doing it before, but I've definitely started something new here. I can't wait to see how regularly doing this and mixing it up even more transpires into better experiences on race days.