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Last of the long runs

Eight weeks of double digit runs in a row. EIGHT. I'm pretty sure for the previous half marathons I've done, the most I did was two. MAYBE three. Certainly not eight. Tonight is the unofficial end to training for the Shamrock Half Marathon. Sure I'll have a few more runs in the next week and a half, but they'll be more for maintenance and keeping my body feeling normal. No more big hills; no more attempts at running fast; and certainly nothing more than a few miles. It's time to rest.

Tonight's run felt tough, but my friend and I hit some bigger hills than we anticipated. Maybe these final hills will help shave a few seconds off our time. Otherwise, it was a nice run to just recap this crazy winter of training. Oddly enough, we were wearing short sleeves and shorts, and were sweating like it was early summer. After battling the cold, wind, snow and rain, it was fitting that we had to battle the "heat" of 50 degrees or so tonight.