living in the now

Still rambling about running. Sometimes other things.


My body is telling me something -- after 4 weeks of increasing my overall miles and after two weeks in a row of 12-mile runs, it's time for the first recovery week. I really wanted to have one more week of increased miles and get to 30 miles for a week, but my legs are flat out tired right now. So, I made a decision today to cut my miles back for the week and let my body recover from the past four weeks of training for the Richmond Marathon. Since 19.7 miles for the week ending July 11, I have logged weeks with mileage of 23.2, 25, 26.7 and 26.9. It doesn't really feel like that much, but the heat and humidity coupled with the gradually increased mileage has taken its toll.

This all being said, however, comes on a week in which I have a half marathon planned -- a non-race race, as I wrote about recently. This could change my strategy for the weekend, but I'm not really making that decision right now. I'm still doing the race and still plan on 14 miles being my long run for the week despite what most people do on a "recovery" week. I just know that I need to cut back on the miles for a few days or else my legs will absolutely hate me.

This is part of my non-plan plan, and I'm sticking to it.