Long run Friday

I took off all week -- with the holiday mixed in it's the first time I've been off work for more than a week since I got married seven years ago. (Minus that part of being unemployed a few years ago.) So instead of doing anything normal with running this week, I ran on a Tuesday in Ohio for one more flat run and shifted my long run from the weekend to today. Bedford, running, sunrise

That's right, a Friday. I did mid-week long runs in winter 2010 and loved it, but for marathon training it's tough to do long runs on a week day.

I got in 12 miles today and head into the weekend having 25.4 miles for the week. I actually have more than 35 miles in a 7-day span by moving my long run.

Today's run, though, was not really about the miles or how fast or slow I was. It was dreadfully humid today -- 96 percent humidity and 70 degrees at the start, 92 percent humidity and 72 degrees at the finish.

After running my dog for a few miles, I grabbed a frozen water bottle to help keep me cool. It was some much-needed relief that I think saved me from quitting on this run. I drank 32 ounces of water on the run, which doesn't include a little bit before I headed out and some on a pit stop when I dropped Duke off.

To beat the weather today is yet another victory in my early part of training for the Baltimore Marathon. With another short run later this weekend, I will have three solid weeks of training under by belt with some awesome runs. Next week will be a recovery week with fewer miles, but a race mixed in with the Percival's Island 5 Miler. I definitely couldn't have asked for a better start to my training.

Here's a look at today's very up and down run around Bedford:

long run, Bedford, running

long run, Bedford, running