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Long run ... quietness

After I ran 10 miles yesterday, I had a lot to say. At least I thought I did. I opened my computer last night, put the NASCAR race on in the background, and no thoughts came out.

I did the same thing this afternoon. Nothing. Here I am again tonight.

Dare I saw that I'm just so content about yesterday's long run that I really have nothing to say about it? It was one of my 3 goals for the month and it was my first double-digit run since April.

Perhaps it's because I was running with my friend Josh for 6 of those miles and got caught up in our conversation that I didn't have to think about what I was doing. It was the 3rd weekend in a row that I had a run with someone else and the 3rd weekend in a row in which I walked away feeling extremely satisfied.

After so much time of things feeling wrong and not having much to say about it, it's nice to have things going so right ... with not much to say.

I'll just let it be and roll with it.