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Long-run thoughts (and geese in the road)

Long run Richmond MarathonIn the past couple of summers, I've taken a lot of photos on my runs, but I've opted not to take my iPhone with me this year. In the previous two years I had a Blackberry that fit into pockets better (not to mentioned considerably cheaper). After this morning, though, I kind of miss capturing various moments along my training. It started with geese in the middle of the road. Like two dozen geese. In the middle of the road.

It was quite a funny sight, and they certainly didn't mind that I was so close to them.

Then there's the family of deer I have now seen on several runs. I think it's actually two families that have merged as there are at least 6 doe with a few older deer.

I've also seen some great sunrises and moon sets that are just in my memory bank for now.

All that aside, I had a nice 12-mile run this morning in which I didn't think about running. I got lost in my thoughts, which were really all over the place.

Unfortunately I didn't think up with the next great invention that could help me retire now, but I enjoyed that hour and 47 minutes of being out there. I refrained from looking at my watch other than checking my mileage to make sure I didn't venture too far away from home.

After my recent mind-clearing post, everything feels so much more relaxed with my running. My decisions I made last week to move in a different direction with my Richmond Marathon training was the best thing for me, and my quiet excitement about the next few months continues to build.