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Longest run since ...

I haven't met a runner yet who doesn't love the phrase "longest run ever" or "longest run since." It's great to hit distances that are unfamiliar. Tonight I ran 11.2 miles, which will very likely be my peak distance for training for the Shamrock Half Marathon. It's my longest run since the Rock 'n' Roll Half in early September, a long five and a half months ago. Tonight's run also kept a pretty good double-digit streak going -- it was the fifth week in a row of 10 miles or more, six including the Terrapin Mountain adventure. It's the most consistent I've ever been in the winter.

Another great thing about tonight is the fact that it wasn't raining or snowing and the wind wasn't blowing. It was wet from rain and snow earlier today, but I was able to run in shorts and I took my gloves off about half way through the run. It was the best weather for a long run since last summer.