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Looking ahead to "normal"

I didn't hit my 5 miles today, but I did hit my original goal from a couple of days ago -- to hit double digits for the week. All told I ran 11.6 miles this week and walked 14.7. I'm actually surprised I ran as much as I did, but all those little runs quickly added up. This morning was crazy hot, I was tired and I think my injury has created a chain reaction of making other things hurt. I had a lot of cramping going on and my legs just didn't seem to want to move today. Tomorrow I will not attempt any running at all. I think I need a running break after doing some sort of running every day this week. I'll resume weight lifting tomorrow - something I haven't done in quite a while. I'll be using my free weights since it will likely hurt to use my home gym.

This week I will attempt to pick up where I left off with running, meaning that my long run goal is 8 miles and my weekly total goal is the low 20s. If I can pull off 5 consistent weeks of increasing my long runs and my overall mileage a little bit each week, I'll be in a good spot come race week with an opportunity to rest up that week. I'll try to squeeze in a 5k along the way as a tune up since I missed my race this weekend.

If I can't get back to normal this week, I'll have to make the decision on whether or not to pursue the Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon. I know people who are running it who have slower goal times, so I can always hang back, and I could always use it as a long run while I focus on something else in September, but I doubt I'd do that. Since it's Labor Day weekend, it's a lot of money to stay at Virginia Beach for three nights. Also coming into to play is my job situation. I would hate to not run because of that, but it's impossible to make the trip if something doesn't happen soon.

I may be coming across as being negative, but I'm actually feeling good about things this week. I think a non-running day is going to help my pain, and I'm confident about things turning around job-wise.