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Making the Commitment: 2+ minutes of plank

In the rush of things last week, I let core work slip by, except for a few push-ups on the Bosu ball early in the week. Working out -- besides a few runs -- was the last thing on my mind. In the course of a week, though, I almost lost focus. I really didn't want to do anything tonight. But then I remembered that goal I set at the end of February to get to a 2-minute plank. I hit that goal tonight and then tacked on another 7 seconds, nearly a minute improvement since my initial test just a little more than 4 weeks ago. It felt great and I'm looking forward to continue working on my core. Now I need to set a non-running goal for April.

* * *

Since this is a "Making the Commitment" post I wanted to mention my weight, which I haven't mentioned in a while. Two weeks ago I was 186.4; I didn't weigh myself last week. Since weight loss still isn't a primary goal, I'm not overly worried about these numbers. I feel good; my core is stronger; and my summer shorts fit just fine after this winter.