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Making the commitment: Checking up

I haven't done a "Making the commitment" post in a while. The idea of having the theme throughout the year seemed to fizzle once I got things back on track. While I have failed to blog with the title as much as I had hoped, the theme lives on. Everything I have done has been about making a commitment to getting back to full health when it comes to running. A couple of months ago I talked about how this training session for the Baltimore Marathon was going to be different. Now that I’m halfway through training I thought it would be a good time to do a check-up.


I've been able to get in a solid core workout once a week at work and have done a relatively good job at getting a second workout in at home. We shifted things up at work and I'm actually working out with our personal trainer on Mondays. In the past couple of weeks he's added some weight training with the core work.

I know I should do more, but something is better than nothing, and what I've done this summer is far and away a lot more than I was doing a year ago. I can tell a difference when I run; I can't pin-point exactly what it is, but I can tell that I'm more balanced and stronger.

Being visual

I've posted many more maps of my runs, which really helps give me a quick reference to look at what I've done. I look at my runs on Garmin Connect a lot more too. I like to see where I slow down or how hard I hit a hill.

running, Bedford, Va.

I've kept up with my spreadsheet regularly. My "non-plan plan" actually got a little more solid after a couple of weeks as I set goals for my long runs and weekly mileage for the rest of training. I set the bar high, but have adjusted the mileage a couple of times to better fit what I'm doing.

I've also added a column in the spreadsheet for notes when I've made adjustments and I added a column with last year's mileage from the same time frame. It's definitely too wide to post on here for it to make any sense.

Overall perspective

Training through 8+ weeks has been amazing. Aside from feeling a bit under the weather a couple of weeks ago, I've remained as consistent as ever and feel stronger each week. I really look forward to the long runs each weekend.

I don't like to compare things from last year too much, but I had a great training session then until the very end. I don't want to take away from last year, but the lessons learned in the last 4 weeks are what set the tone for this summer.

Adding the core work, more progressive runs and what I feel is an overall better attitude is making this a great summer for running.

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