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Making the Commitment: Making goals

This is sort of a continuation from yesterday's "Time to move on" post. In the past few days I've been doing much more thinking than I usually do. January has no doubt been a good month with getting my running back on track, but I've realized that not having clear-cut goals have left me feeling a bit lost. These past couple of months have been a much needed break from having goals, but that being said, I have felt like I don't have a sense of direction not having some sort of monthly goal set up.

With one month of 2011 down, it's time for me to get focused again on a lot of things. When it comes to running, I'm not going to set any big-time goals for February. I'm still in recovery mode, so I want to keep things going one run at a time. I also plan to keep doing more core work and cross training a couple of times a week. It's something I've slowly started, but want to get more consistency.

It may seem like I forgot about it, but February's goal is related to eating: going meatless. I first want to thank my Twitter followers for introducing me to the correct term for the month since I will still be eating fish: I will live February as a pescetarian. Like any big-time race, I wonder if I've prepared enough. Fortunately my wife is planning on doing this with me, so this shouldn't be a problem. It should be ... interesting. I'll certainly blog more about it as the month moves along.

As for other goals this year, I have some things in mind that I'm not going to put out there yet. I have some ideas for "comeback" races; I have PRs I'd like to set; I really want to do another month-long streak; and I want to have a defining "big" race this fall. At this point in time though, I just want to get through the next four weeks remaining pain-free before I get too far along. No guarantees that I won't make any announcements though.