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Making the Commitment: #watchless Monday

I think most runners are guilty of being way too addicted to their times/paces and their Garmins/watches/other GPS-related devices. So I, and quite a few others, are here to stop it for at least one day a week. Late last week, a few of us on Twitter started a conversation about running without a watch to kick off the week. Several tweets and a few emails later between me, @AHealthyDad, @262milejourney, and @suzistorm here's what we've come up with -- #watchlessmonday.

Here's what you do: for the first run of your week, don't wear a watch. It's that simple. While I'd really like to make this a completely unplugged commitment, I'll forgive you for now if you have to have music to listen to. I hope, eventually, you'd give that up for at least a day. If you don't run on Mondays or your change your weekly plans, don't let that be an excuse. Whether your first run is Monday, Tuesday or whenever, make that first one watchless.

When you're done with your run, come back and let everyone know you did it on Twitter with the #watchlessmonday tag (if it's later in the week, still use #watchlessmonday so we can easily keep track).

Why are we doing this? Simply put, to get rid of the addiction. Is your pace or time important? Sure. But do you need to know what it is every single time you go out. Absolutely not. This is about running for the fun of running. That's what I'm adding this to my #2011commitments posts (I know, I know, I'm behind on my weigh-in posts).

Be on the lookout for more posts about #watchlessmonday from the above tweeters. Suzi's site can be found here, and she's actually discussing #watchlessmonday over on the Geeks in Running Shoes show tonight. You can find Brandon here. (You'll see him on my blog in a Q&A later this week!) And 262milejourney can be found here.

Lastly, a lot of people on Twitter have already said, "I'm in." Some of those people are: @wordsbykara, @SuprHero, @cheekysu, @hotbirdrunning, @Blanda_Amania, @sarahtbland, @teamoptimus, @therunningwench, @welcometoboston, @CocosFight2BFit, @corriemaeowen, @tryn2bfit and @laidbackchick. If I've missed you, please let me know in the comments section below (please include your Twitter handle) or on Twitter and I'll continue to update this list. If you're not on Twitter, but want to make this commitment, leave a comment below. Being on Twitter is not a requirement to join in on this.