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Making the Commitment: Weigh-in No. 1

I feel like this guy:

No, my wife and I haven't had this conversation (yet), but I'm mad at myself: 188.8 pounds. Yeah, I said something last month about getting back to the 170s, but got all excited after reading a couple of people's blog posts without thinking about that goal. Could I have hit it? Yes. But I wasn't dedicated enough to get there. With dealing with my ITB injury and feeling the need to relax for the first time all year, I just didn't do it and instead gained a few pounds. Nothing but bad excuses.

I will not set a numbers goal again. I just want to feel better about myself and about my weight -- whatever that "end" number is doesn't matter. I have to make some changes to my diet and exercise or else I'm going to continue to beat myself up on these weekly posts. It's hard to write about, but I'm glad I've made this my first commitment of the year.