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Marathon training: I'm ready

At the end of this week, I’ll hit a magic number of 18 weeks to go until the Richmond Marathon. For many, 18 weeks seems to be a traditional time to start training for a marathon. Some people also do 22 weeks; others do 20; some even do 14. For me, this year has been so different that I feel like I’m already in training mode. I just have to flip a mental switch and I have to stop saying “when I officially start training.”

So let me just put it out there today: I am training for the Richmond Marathon. There is no magic start date. I just am. As far as what my mileage is, that actually won’t change too much right now. I will add on to my long runs soon and before I know it I’ll be in the teens for a long run and getting closer to 30 miles for a week rather than 20. I have plans for my long runs already laid out; I have mileage goals for the week on paper. I’m just not stressed about it this time around. There’s no reason to be. I’m not about to get worked up over a few miles over or under my goals. I just want to train for this marathon and set time goals in a couple of months.

By no means am I comfortable with where I am. If I'm comfortable then I'm not ready. I know that hard work remains; I know there will be highs and lows; I know there will be moments that I want to back down; but the most important thing is I know that I am ready for this.