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Marathon Week

Steve over at Running on Awesome put together a challenge this week to push himself and others to exercise. His Marathon Week was designed, simply, to get himself and others motivated and to do a marathon's worth of exercising for the week. Bike, run, walk, swim. Whatever to get to 26.2 miles. I quietly said "I'm in" on his blog and then proceeded to log my walking miles this week at work in addition to my running. I had a relatively normal, continued base-building week of running with 18.6 miles while adding 12 miles of walking. The challenge for me was to log those miles that I usually pass off and put very little thought into.

This week I've thought about the increase in walking I've done in the past month, which has mostly been silent. The thing is, my legs are feeling fresher after my runs thanks to being able to walk a mile on breaks at work. Last week's Relay for Life took a toll on my body, but early week walking seemed to help.

I'll continue to log my walking miles this summer to see how it helps in my recovery from long runs and hard races. So far I like the effects. It certainly doesn't hurt to try something new.

Thanks for Steve for putting together this week and making me think about these things. I just ask that the next Marathon Week not be in the hottest week of the century.