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March 2014 & Q1: By the Numbers

If I focus on the now, I'm disappointed in this month; when I look at the big picture I'm pretty excited about the first 3 months of the year. I'll focus on the latter.

Last week's stomach bug butchered my March miles. Couple that with extra rest after Shamrock and I probably fell about 20 miles short for what I was hoping this month. It's not the end of the world ... I'm well rested now and in a good spot for Q2.

On with some numbers ...

  • 66.6 running miles (fitting, right?) for March; 231.6 for the quarter. That's a nice increase of about 30 miles from Q4 to close out 2013.
  • 0 biking miles for March. I blame the weather and my lack of desire to go to the gym that I'm about to cancel. I have xx for the quarter.
  • 3 pounds lost; 9.2 pounds for the quarter; Less than 5 to my next goal.
  • 152 seconds. That's all I was from my PR at Shamrock. In some ways that's a lot, but considering how hard it was to train this winter it's not much.
  • 0 ... that's how many fall races are on my calendar. That needs to change soon. Still at 33.3 for the year.
  • And 1 moonrise over Virginia Beach ...

moonrise at Virginia Beach