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March madness

This month started off right. I was well on my way to 100-plus miles in one of the oddest weather months of the year. But then came the bizarre injury that won't leave me alone. To sum up this month, I don't have much to say. I finished with 51.9 miles ran, 15 miles walked and 13.6 miles biked. For the year I've logged 182 running miles, at least 52.4 walking miles and the new 13.6 biking miles. All told, it's 248 exercise miles for the first quarter. Below is an interesting look at my mileage so far this year by week (Blue line is running; red is walking; and orangish is biking).

Right now, I'm ready to put this quarter behind me. There have been a lot of ups and downs that I've already talked to death. Tomorrow is April 1. It's a new calendar year for this blog; it's a new quarter for the calendar year; and it's time to stop hurting.