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May Report Card: B

I enjoyed doing a report card in April -- it made me think a lot throughout May about what I was doing in a completely different way. For at least another month, I'll again grade myself in a variety of areas to see where things stand as I head into the summer. Overall mileage: B I was hoping to get close to 90, but ended up just shy of 80. It's funny what just a couple of rough nights with a baby will do to overall mileage. I missed a couple of runs and cut a couple short, thus the lower total.

Quality mileage: A- Speedwork at least once a week, plus a new PR were nice. It just wasn't quite a full "A" material.

Cross training: B I didn't get on my bike, but I did hit the weight room at my work's gym once a week; last week I went twice. I could definitely do more.

Nutrition: B- In the second half of the month I started making smoothies with kale and a variety of fruit. The way it's made me feel better has been amazing.

I can't give myself a better grade, though, when I look at the month as a whole. The first half of the month was not that great.

Attitude: B+ In my race yesterday, I had this thought about halfway through that I couldn't keep the pace. That's a mental issue I've had for nearly two years in many races.

I didn't lose my pace though; in fact I had a small negative split. My attitude is getting a lot better and I'm crossing some mental hurdles; June and July will be key to me getting fully over whatever my problem is/was.

Overall grade: B Nice improvement from my C+ in April. For June I want to run more and I want to continue running better.

I also know that continued improvements with nutrition will help a lot. I've got a 5K in July that should be PR material, and these next 30 days are huge in getting there.