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May's highs and lows

Since everything has seemed to go so well this year, I'm a bit disappointed in May, mainly due to not coming anywhere close to my goal of losing 5 pounds for the month. My diet was awful, so I have no one to blame but myself. The good news is I maintained, so I can't beat myself up too much. But like a failure I had in January, I realized toward the end of this month that I didn't have a good plan with losing weight. "Get my diet right" just doesn't work. So for June I'm going to take a different approach and refocus on how to lose a few pounds. I need to hit the reset button with my diet.

As far as running goes, one week of rest in which I ran only twice lowered my overall mileage just a bit. I still ended with more than 75 miles, which I'm very pleased with. I managed three weeks with more than 20 miles, making it 16 of 21 weeks with 20-plus miles per week. I didn't really have any running goals for May, which I think just spiraled into not focusing like I should on losing weight.

I ended the month with a 1-mile barefoot run today in my in-laws' field. It was my first barefoot run since I was 15 -- I can still remember than run with my friend at the beach. Our legs hurt for days. I taped myself today and rambled on with some thoughts that came from no where. I'll share the video later this week when I have time to edit it.

As I look ahead to June, I need to continue with 20-25 mile weeks before I step it up for training for the Richmond Marathon. I'm doing a half marathon on Saturday on trails, which I think will be a nice transition to marathon training. I'm not setting a time goal for this race; I really just want to go out and enjoy the experience of something completely different. There is a 5K toward the end of the month that I'm considering, but I'm going to wait to decide on that.

As I near the halfway point in the year I am just 64.8 miles away from 500 miles in 2010. There used to be a point in which I didn't care about numbers, but the numbers make me feel great. While how I feel is my top priority, getting closer to 1,000 miles for the year gets me excited. I love having this big overarching goal for the whole year.