Measuring success

Every runner has a different thought on how to measure success. Whether it's having the longest run ever or setting a PR or doing a workout you've never done before or losing weight, there are endless ways to measure success in running. That could be why I've come to let running be the biggest part about who I am. Yesterday I ran the Percival's Island 5 Miler in downtown Lynchburg (and Amherst County). It's a very flat course, out and back. As usual, I went in with the goal to beat my time of last year, which was 41:07. I figured that would be easy enough since I've gotten my overall race pace under 8 minutes a mile for a while now. Realistically, I wanted to finish in about 38 minutes. To my own surprise, my time was 36:59. So not only was this a PR for this distance, my race pace was a PR as well. With it being a flat course and wonderful weather for late July, the conditions were perfect for all this to happen. I felt comfortable and in control out there yesterday, and still had very little soreness in my legs today. After the race, my workout continued as I had to help my dad in pulling carpet out of my late grandmother's house.

So I have to say that for me yesterday was a success. The next "race" will be a half marathon in four weeks that I will be treating as a long run for the week. It'll be a good chance to have a long run with a lot of people around.