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Mid-year update

I was all ready to beat myself up for a bad June, but then I realized that today is the half-way point of 2009. It's kind of hard to believe really. With all that's going on with a name change at the organization I work for and having a new baby in the house, I think I should consider myself lucky that I've been able to do what I've done already. Sure, I'm behind on my goals for the year, but I also never expected running two races in a row to feel so rewarding (including the 10k PR). That in itself is enough for me to feel satisfied with the first six months of the year. Injuries and other illnesses were pretty much beyond my control, so why should I criticize myself too much? I shouldn't.

When it comes to miles, my year is shaping up like this: 300.1 running miles; 116 biking miles; 41.5 "other" miles; and 83.7 walking miles. I was about 20 miles off my goal for June, mainly due to missing a week after being sick ... which of course made the whole second half of the month just awful. But it is what it is, so it's time to move forward.

For July, my first goal is to get my body right nutritionally. As always, I haven't been completely bad, but I've broken into the habit of a soft drink almost every day. If I can break that routine, everything else always seems to fall into place. So with tomorrow being the start of a new fiscal year at work, the soft drinks will stop with it. I'm also giving up french fries when eating out. Not that I eat out a lot, but it's become a habit now when I do eat out to get the fries again. Each week in July, I'll made a nutritional change and document it in on here. Four additional changes plus these two will set me up well for August and the final weeks of training.

As far as training goes, I'm not going to get too obsessed with miles. I'd rather focus on the quality of my workouts. Tonight I had a good 3-mile run - I felt good for a change. And I'd rather feel good for 3 than feel like crap for 4. I discovered yesterday that giving myself a break and hoping on the bike just made me feel better instead of going for a run. I'm not forcing my runs anymore. That's not me, and it's not fun to do that. I want to get back to the way I felt in February and March and I want that feeling to last for the rest of 2009.