Mile No. 500

If I had my way, this was going to happen around 6:30 a.m. Tuesday. But how often does a runner get his or her way? Not often. I'm still struggling with getting up in the morning to run, and this morning was no exception, although I had a bizarre earache when I tried to get up. A 3-4 mile run this morning wasn't meant to be. Plus when I checked the temperature at 7 a.m. it was already almost 80 degrees. Thankfully this evening cooled off enough to get in a run. So I checked my mileage and decided tonight would be the night. Go 5.6 to hit 500 miles for the year. And, of course, I was doomed from having things go "my way" from the very beginning.

Turn on the Garmin: low batteries. So I gave it a quick charge as I put my socks and shoes on, took a bathroom break and searched for my small camera to take with me to document my 500th mile. Guess what? Completely dead battery.

So I turned my watch on to see the low battery warning again and headed out for 1.6 miles with my dog. I got home, took the watch off and ran 4 more miles on a familiar route to get to 5.6 for the night ... and 500 for the year ... halfway to my 1,000-mile goal.

Since nothing has been typical about my running this year, it was just meant to be for my 500th mile to fit right in with the bizarreness of 2010.