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Monkey lessons

Curious George, personal trainer, runningFor the first Saturday in a very long time, I wasn't out up and out the door running or heading to a race at 6 a.m. Instead I "slept in" and got up around 6:45 a.m. when my son woke up. And at 7 a.m. we watched "Curious George." The first half of the episode was titled "Personal Trainer." In this episode, the Man in the Yellow Hat signed up for a race, but then quickly got injured. So Professor Wisemen took his place and allowed George to train her. In what may seem like the simplest of cartoons, there were some good lessons in it for runners: the first run is the toughest, take your time, drink plenty of water, arrange your schedule to have time to run and, most importantly, HAVE FUN.

While many of us don't have zoos to run through or curious monkeys to help us out, I found myself realizing this morning how easy it is to forget to have fun while running.

So next time you're out running, think of Curious George ... a very wise monkey indeed.