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More than a race number

Virginia 10 Miler, running racesIn the past six months or so, I've read several other blogs that talk about their race number. Until recently, I never really thought anything about it. To me, it was just a number on a piece of paper that usually annoyed me at some point during the race. Now, though, my thoughts are shifting. There's always something behind a number.

When I picked my race number up for tomorrow's Virginia 10 Miler, I thought there was something cool behind the number 501. It just looks different. To me, 501 is a curvy road through the mountains to get to the Parkway from Lynchburg. It's a road I've traveled often.

So what else is there behind the number 501?

Here's to hoping 501 is a lucky number for me and can get my tired legs through this race.